G. M. Biochem is committed to Total Quality Management, Our aim is to be recognized by our customers as a preferred supplier of quality products and services that consistently meet their evolving needs.

The R&D team of G. M. Biochem continuously seek for integration of contemporary technologies with new investments and existing technologies located at the production facilities. Work towards developing new products with superior performance is conducted with a project organization approach at G. M. Biochem R&D units. The finished product quality is well maintained by testing on latest laboratory equipments and on X-Ray Diffractograph machine for its application.

We have well equipped laboratory for measuring surface area, particle size analysis, cation exchange capacity, pore size etc. Most important parameters for the material to be used in manufacturing of selective adsorbents. We have our own inhouse R & D Center for upgrading the product quality. Process design and implementationTroubleshooting Development of new technologies Analyses Calibration of measuring and control equipment Energy conservation Design of environmentally safe operations Information technologies and Technology management.

G. M. Biochem respects our natural environment. Environmental issues are investigated with utmost care for new investments, production and other processes. The Environment Group at G. M. Biochem perform environmental assessment studies related with new investments, select appropriate waste management systems, make emission measurements and waste water purification experiments.

We achieve this by

  • Understanding our customers' precise requirements and ensuring that they are fulfilled.
  • Providing the same high standard of service to our valued customers.
  • Teamwork is the essence of our success.
  • Believing in and adopting the concept of prevention, by Doing It Right First Time, Every Time.
  • Continuously improving our processes, products and services in our quest to attain excellence.
  • Ensuring that our suppliers are similarly committed to quality improvements.

About G. M. Biochem

G. M. Biochem founded in 2002 is India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of Animal feed supplements and verterinary products which includes HSCAS, Phyllosilicate, Toxin Binder, Pellet binder, Antioxidants , Acidifiers, Mineral Mixture, Enzymes, Phytase, Liver Tonics, Vitamin premix, Zeolite (for Agriculture, Aquaculture, Turf Management, Waste Water Treatment etc).

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