Road stabilizer is used as an additive to the usual cement (CEM) Portland cement with a clinker ratio of at least 95% for the stabilization of soil. Without having to change the soil, and in a fast and safe way, nearly all soils (except for peat) can be utilized to become base course with extremely high strength with or without a low wearing surface. (E.g. asphalt). In the same operations, pollutants which are hazardous to the environment can be permanently immobilized in soil. In contract to conventional road construction, road stabilizer uses natural resources to build the base course on site. The road structure reinforcement compared to the regular construction, is drastically reduced while increasing the base course load bearing capacity, which is 5 to 8 times higher than conventional base courses made from gravel.

Saving of time

  • No earth excavation.
  • No transportation needed to landfill sites.
  • No deliveries of materials for base course and anti-frost layer.
  • No supplies for filling materials
  • Stabilisation and immobilisation possible in one procedure
  • Possibility of avoiding deep foundations (after prior static inspection and if foundation conditions are available

Saving of costs

  • Immobilisation of hazardous materials without disposal and landfill charges


  • Completely recyclable
  • Groundwater protection

Product properties

  • Long life, high load and bearing capacity
  • Impermeable, leak-proof surfaces
  • Processing possible up to -6 °C and under water
  • Can be used for virtually any soil

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G. M. Biochem founded in 2002 is India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of Animal feed supplements and verterinary products which includes HSCAS, Phyllosilicate, Toxin Binder, Pellet binder, Antioxidants , Acidifiers, Mineral Mixture, Enzymes, Phytase, Liver Tonics, Vitamin premix, Zeolite (for Agriculture, Aquaculture, Turf Management, Waste Water Treatment etc).

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